daisy flower care

Daisy Flower Care

A bright, happy flower, the daisy represents fun, affection, new beginnings, and hope. Included in any bouquet, the daisy can add an element of sunshine and happiness, bringing positivity to your home or workspace.

Luckily, daisies are a fairly hardy flower and, therefore, easy to take care of. Whether you receive a bouquet full of cut daisies, or your mixed bouquet includes daisies, with proper care, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy your cut daisies for quite some time. Here are things that you should do as soon as your flower delivery is received and throughout the life of your daisy bouquet to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

What you should do when you first receive your cut daisy flower delivery

daisy flower care

First, carefully remove the flowers from the delivery box. Set this box aside for recycling later. 

To prepare your cut daisies for the vase, use sharp scissors to cut around 1.5cm off of the end of each stem at a 45° angle. This will allow for optimal water absorption to keep your flower arrangement alive for as long as possible. 

Remove any foliage that will appear below the water line. This is to ensure that your daisy floral arrangement is aesthetic as well as to help keep the water free from bacteria that might cause your fresh bouquet to wilt faster.

Fill a vase with cool water, and add the flower food included in your flower delivery. The flower food is a simple mixture of nutrients that will give your fresh daisy bouquet the energy that it needs to thrive.

Place the flowers in the vase and arrange them however you’d like. Beginners may prefer to choose a vase with a narrower lip to keep the original arrangement of the bouquet. Those who are more experienced with flower arrangements may choose a vase with a wider lip that allows the flowers to spread out a little more.

Place the vase somewhere that’s bright and cool, but outside of the direct sunlight. On a desk or a table near a window is ideal.

Keep your daisy flower bouquet fresh

To enjoy your fresh daisy bouquet for as long as possible, you should conduct some care on a semi-daily basis.

Every one or two days, trim a little off of the end of your stems. This will help encourage water absorption.

Every few days, or when the vase water starts to get cloudy, change the water. This will clean out any harmful bacteria, and it will help the bouquet to stay aesthetically pleasing. When you change the water, add some flower food to help energize your bouquet. If you run out of the flower food provided, you can make your own by mixing 1 liter of water, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, one tablespoon of sugar, and a quarter tablespoon of bleach (optional if you change the water frequently). This mixture will provide energy to your daisies and kill any bacteria in the water. 

Remove any dying foliage. It’s the nature of flowers that some blooms will wilt before others. Keep the entire bouquet looking fresh by removing the not-so-fresh foliage.

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