orchid flower care

Orchid Flower Care

A symbol of love, luxury, and beauty, the orchid is a bloom that brightens any bouquet. Characterized by its colorful and fragrant petals, this is a flower that can brighten a room on its own or bring a mixed bouquet to the next level of beauty.

Depending on the type of orchid, your orchid bloom may last anywhere between one week to six weeks with proper care. However, orchids can be a little tricky, and they require slightly different care than other cut flowers. Here are some tips to help keep your cut orchids fresh for as long as possible. 

What to do when you receive your cut orchid flower delivery

orchid flower care

First, remove the flower bouquet from the recyclable cardboard box as soon as it is received. 

Using sharp shears or scissors, cut 1.5cm from the end of each cut orchid stem at a 45° angle. This will help encourage water absorption.

Remove all foliage that will appear below the water line. This step is equally important for aesthetics as well as the health of the plant; less foliage below the water line means less bacterial growth.

Fill a vase with clean, cool water. The water should be cool in order to discourage bacterial growth. Choose a vase with a lip that’s tight enough to keep the arrangement of the bouquet in place but wide enough to allow the bouquet to expand. The flowers will continue to bloom for a few days after you’ve received the bouquet, and they’ll need space to grow.

Unlike other blooms, cut orchids don’t need as much water. Therefore, rather than filling the vase halfway with water, add around 30mL – 125mL of water. Because you need less water, you should check the water more frequently than with other cut flowers to ensure that the water is fresh and clean.

Mix the flower food included in your bouquet in the water before adding your cut orchids. This will provide your fresh bouquet with the nutrients that it needs to thrive for as long as possible.

Place the vase in a room that has plenty of light, but do not place your orchids in direct sunlight. You should also keep your orchids in an area that’s somewhat humid and not too cool. Orchids are a tropical flower, so they won’t last as long in an air conditioned room with low humidity.

Keep your cut orchid bouquet fresh

orchid flower care

To ensure that your cut orchids last as long as possible, you should conduct some flower care throughout its life. Conduct the following steps every 2 – 3 days or when your orchids start to lose their vibrancy. The good thing about orchids is that they will tell you when they’re unhappy and need to be taken care of.

Every few days or if your orchids look grey or yellow or start to droop, change the vase water. Each time you change the water, add more flower food. If you run out of the flower food provided you can make your own at home: 1 liter of water + 2 tablespoons of lemon juice + 1 tablespoon of sugar + 0.5 tablespoons of bleach. This mixture provides energy while keeping the water bacteria-free.

Clear out any dead or dying foliage or blooms. This will help keep the bouquet as a whole looking fresher for longer. Keep in mind that some blooms will wilt faster than others, so don’t be concerned as you clear out the dying flowers.

Continue to cut the ends of the stems every few days to encourage water absorption. Because cut orchids don’t need as much water as other blooms, if your orchids appear in a mixed bouquet, you may not have to cut the stems as often as the other flowers found in your fresh bouquet delivery.
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