Our Vision: Making home décor flowers affordable and accessible

We believe that flowers should be an integral part of everyone’s life, lighting up homes and brightening office desks, every day.

We know that time and high costs prevent true flower-lovers from enjoying them regularly. We’re here to change that.

The simple process of ordering the flowers, the unique packaging, and the anticipation of getting a new beautiful bouquet every week makes enjoya a meaningful experience for a happier life.

Join us, it’ll make you happy.

điện hoa enjoya
hoa enjoya

We've built a sustainable model to deliver fresh blooms.

Trusted partners – We work directly with family-owned farms so they can enjoy far better profit margins, create better working conditions for their employees and have more opportunities to grow.

Farm to vase – The flowers are delivered straight from the farm to Enjoya’s warehouse, where they are cleaned, cut, arranged into beautiful bouquets, and shipped straight to you within 24 hours.

Fresh flowers, longer life – From buds to beautiful blossoms. We make the journey for our flowers shorter so they are fresher for longer.


We take great pride in our eco-friendly initiatives. We use recycled paper and have made significant efforts to reduce our plastic footprint to zero in our packaging and operational process. The plastic we use, if any, is neutralized by sponsoring plastic cleaning projects in south Vietnam.

điện hoa enjoya

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