The Aria

Compact bouquet, home

and office décor

FREE Delivery in HCMC, Pause or Cancel Anytime

It makes me happy when I can enjoy a bit of nature in my favorite space.

Designed as a cozy home accent, or even for your desk at the office, The Aria is our most compact bouquet, perfect for those spaces that need a happy splash of color.

Height: 45-50 cm, diameter: 55-60 cm (before full bloom).

A few things you might want to know

Each package holds a unique surprise bouquet with flower food and flower care tips.

Product photos are for style reference only.

You choose between pastel and mixed colors.

You can freeze or cancel anytime, just give us 2 days heads up.

Deliveries on Mondays and Fridays only. Weekly or bi-weekly.

Time slots: 9am - 12pm, 12pm - 5pm, or 5pm - 8pm.

Free shipping in HCMC. (7,000đ/km outside of HCM center).

You can change your membership package by cancelling it and ordering a new one.

We use recycled plastic-free package.

Flower care

Your enjoya delivery is sourced-to-order directly from the grower which means that they are as fresh as possible. To prolong bouquet life, follow these steps:

Avoid water contamination by removing foliage below the waterline.

Cut the stems at an angle for improved water absorption, place in fresh, clean water as soon as possible, and change the water regularly.

Keep plants away from direct sunlight and extreme temperature.

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Flower Care Tips

Please repeat every 2 days

flower care tips

Flower Care Tips

Your flowers need a lot of love and care. Here’s how.

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