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Rose Symbolism: Everything You Can Say with a Rose Bouquet

A beautiful rose bouquet is the perfect way to show someone that you care. Roses have become a sort of universal language with their gorgeous blooms, delicious smell, and variety of colors.

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Although the color red may first come to mind when you’re thinking about a rose, these surprisingly versatile flowers actually come in many hues, including mixed colors. Because of the diverse tones, humankind has attached certain meanings to a rose bouquet depending upon the color of the blooms and the number of blooms in the bunch.

If you want to say something special to your loved ones, say it with a rose bouquet. Here’s a guide to rose symbolism.

A brief history of roses

Evidence shows that roses have been around for around 35 million years. It is believed that they originated in Asia; records show that roses appeared in China’s Imperial Garden as far back as 500 BC. 

Since their appearance, the Rosa genus has grown to include over 150 species all over the world. Perhaps it’s their abundance that inspired the first use of a rose as a symbol.

Over the centuries, roses have been used to symbolize a number of things across cultures. In England, white and red roses were used to indicate separate sides of a 15th century civil war. Many religions have used roses as symbols in their beliefs; in Christianity, the rose is often a symbol of the Virgin Mary, and in Ancient Greece, the rose was associated with the goddess Aphrodite. The rose has even been used as currency in some cultures as their beauty was considered so valuable.

Today, while different cultures still attach different meanings to flowers, we’ve come to somewhat of a consensus about rose symbolism. Much of the meaning we derive from the colors uses color psychology and other means to create a certain message. The number of roses and the shape of the flower itself can also say something specific. 

Rose symbolism

The rose itself stands as a powerful symbol. The heart-shaped petals, delicate features, and nice smell represent love, trust, and purity while the thorns symbolize the pain you might feel when you open yourself to that love and trust.

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While this may seem like a bit of a downer, it’s actually a beautiful sentiment. Joy and pain are two halves of a whole; you can’t have one without the other. If you don’t risk the thorns, then you’ll never be able to enjoy the beauty of the bloom.

This is why the rose is perfect to express love, appreciation, and friendship. Turn to a rose bouquet when you want to show someone how much you care, whether it’s a close friend, a family member, or the love of your life.

Beyond this, the colors of the rose can have different meanings, too.

Red roses = love, passion, romance

White roses = purity, innocence, spirituality, condolences

Pink roses = happiness, gentleness, admiration

Orange roses = enthusiasm, energy, passion

Yellow roses = friendship, warmth, caring, wisdom, joy
Peach roses = sincerity, gratitude

Burgundy roses = unconscious beauty

Green roses = hope, fertility

Lavender roses = enchantment, adoration

Blue roses = mystery

A color combination can also express different meanings, whether the rose itself carries multiple hues or the bouquet contains roses of different colors. 

Red & yellow roses = desire to get to know someone better (this is a combo that you’d give to your crush)

Red & pink = passion and love

Yellow & white = harmony and unity (this is something you might give to a friend, especially after a disagreement)

Red & white = commitment and unity (this is a common combination for weddings and anniversaries)

The number of flowers in a rose bouquet can also have a special meaning.

One rose = thank you

Two roses = platonic love

Three roses = I love you (good for anniversaries)

Four and five roses = no meaning

Six roses = I love you, I miss you, or I want you

Seven roses = infatuation

Eight roses = support for friends or family (platonic)

Nine roses = eternal love

Ten roses = perfection

Twelve roses = perfect love

When you’re not quite sure how to verbalize how you feel, but you want to make it known, you can say it with a rose. Choose the perfect combination of rose blooms to send a message to the most important people in your life.

When to choose roses

While the color and number of the roses in a rose bouquet can convey specific meaning, the most important message that you send when you opt for a rose bouquet is, “I care about you, and you’re important to me.”

Whether you’re giving a rose bouquet to a friend, family member, or romantic partner, your choice of a rose bouquet will make them feel loved, appreciated, and cared for.

Perhaps most obviously, roses are perfect for any romantic occasion: Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, a first date, a wedding. Roses are most commonly associated with love, and no matter the color of the blooms, your significant other will adore a rose bouquet.

A small rose bouquet can also be a great way to show your condolences. White roses are the standard choice for this instance, but any rose will do. The beautiful flower atop a thorny stem will remind the mourner that, although they feel pain now, happy days are still ahead.

When you’ve met someone new, a rose bouquet can be a good way to show that you’re excited for the new relationship. Beyond love, roses can also represent excitement and anticipation, which makes it the ideal choice for budding friendships or romances.

Purchasing roses in Ho Chi Minh City

Rose bouquets are the perfect expression of love and friendship. If you’re sending someone a rose bouquet, you want to make sure that it’s stunning enough to portray the right message; wilted flowers won’t communicate the love, happiness, and adoration that you were intending. Luckily, enjoya.vn makes sending roses within HCMC easy.

buying roses in ho chi minh

When you purchase a rose bouquet through enjoya.vn, the giftee will receive a surprise bouquet made with either red, white, or yellow roses or some combination. This makes it the perfect gift to portray your love, friendship, and happiness. Any combination of these three colors will say the same thing: I care about you, and I’m happy to have you in my life.

These stunning bouquets are 50-58 cm in height and 60-65 cm in diameter (before full bloom), and feature only the freshest, highest quality roses. Your loved one will be blown away by this beautiful gift. And, you can do this all from your computer.

Don’t let your loved ones wonder how you feel. Say everything with a rose bouquet.

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