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What Is Your Birthday Flower?

Humankind is well known for assigning meaning to certain objects. Things like gemstones, geometric designs, and colors all have different meanings ascribed to them. These attributed symbols can either be taken literally—many believe in the power of gemstones to heal, encourage, and uplift—or they can simply serve as a reminder of the values they represent.

This includes flowers. Even across cultures, we’ve assigned specific meaning to a variety of different blooms, allowing us to say many things in a simple floral arrangement. We’ve also paired certain flowers with each month, assigning special meaning to each bloom.

Knowing what your birthday flower is and what it means is nothing more than a fun piece of trivia, but it can serve as the perfect individualized birthday gift. Here’s a quick guide to birthday flowers and what they mean.

What is a birthday flower?

In cultures across Asia, Europe, and Africa, floriology—the language of flowers—was developed in order to use flowers and floral arrangements as symbols to communicate specific meaning. It was particularly popular among cultures where showing your true feelings was frowned upon; instead, a person might collect a small bouquet of flowers to do the talking for them.

In Victorian-era Britain, they even developed floral dictionaries which allowed people to speak via “talking bouquets.” These small floral arrangements would communicate a specific meaning to its recipient. This created a language of flowers, and although there were slight differences in meaning depending on the culture, there were an incredible amount of similarities in the symbols attached to specific flowers, making the language a multi-cultural one.

As the language of flowers developed, different flowers became attached to different months based on their symbolism. These blooms eventually became known as the month’s birthday flower. 

Similar to a birthstone, your birthday flower is the one that’s been attached to the month you were born. Depending upon how seriously you derive meaning from your birth flower, the symbolism of the flower attributed to your birthday month can be seen as a reflection of yourself and your personality, or it can simply be a little fun fact for you to know—just enjoy it!

Your birthday flower by month

Knowing your birthday flower won’t change your life, but it can put some pleasure into it. Here are the birthday flowers and their general meanings.

January: Carnation & snowdrop

carnation and snowdrop

January’s primary flower, the carnation, represents fascination, love, and purity. In fact, in Christanity, it’s said that Mary’s tears turned to carnations when Jesus was crucified, tying this flower with motherly love. Its secondary flower, the snowdrop, symbolizes hope, beauty, and purity. 

February: Violet & primrose

violet and primrose

A violet, February’s primary flower, portrays innocence, everlasting love, and purity while the secondary flower, the primrose, depicts youth and femininity. These flowers both portray the hope and strength that youthful innocence can bring.

March: Daffodil

One of only two months that has just a single birthday flower, March enjoys the symbol of the daffodil. The perfect flower for the first month in spring, the daffodil represents rebirth and new beginnings.


April: Daisy & sweet pea

When April arrives, spring is fully upon us. That’s why April’s flowers are the daisy, which signifies purity, innocence, and rebirth, and the sweet pea, which portrays sweetness, bliss, and the pure heart. These are the perfect flowers to herald the end of winter.

May: Lily of the valley & hawthorn

May, the last month before summer begins, offers a feeling of transition and hope. Perhaps this is why its birthday flowers are the lily of the valley, representing humility, and hawthorn, which brings up feelings of protection, friendship, and connection.

June: Rose & honeysuckle

A fickle month with unpredictable weather, June is perfectly paired with the rose, which can have many meanings depending on its color. But, June is also a time to prepare for summer vacations and fun, which makes honeysuckle (representing happiness) another perfect June birthday flower choice.

July: Larkspur & water lily

At the center of summer, July is a month for self discovery and taking some time to find your inner peace. This is why July’s birthday flowers are larkspur, the flower of open hearts, positivity, and love, and the water lily, the flower of pleasure and peace.

August: Gladiolus & poppy

The gladiolus represents honor and strength while poppies are associated with hope and remembrance. These are apt flowers for a month that transitions from vacation and fun to back-to-school days and work.

September: Aster & morning glory

Another transition month, September finds itself stuck between summer and winter. Perhaps this is why its birthday flowers symbolize wisdom and faith (aster) and unrequited love and mortality (morning glory); when September comes, it’s time to reflect on what’s important and let go of what’s holding you back.

October: Marigold & cosmos

October’s birthday flowers—marigolds representing strong emotions and cosmos representing order and harmony—seem at first to go against each other, but they’re actually a stunning combination. They serve to remind us that strong emotions and harmony are two sides of the same coin, and it is up to us to decide when each one is necessary.

November: Chrysanthemum

Coming to the end of the year, it makes sense that November’s flower, the chrysanthemum, would represent loyalty, honesty, and joy. The end of the year brings a feeling of happiness as you reflect upon the year’s choices and where they have brought you.

December: Narcissus & holly

As the last month of the year, December holds great importance, even if it’s not your birthday. Its flowers symbolize similarly important qualities. Narcissus represents hope, joy, and friendship while holly signifies protection and defense.

Bring the joy of flowers every week for someone’s birthday this year

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Knowing your birthday flowers and the symbols behind them is a fun little fact to enjoy. What’s even more fun is regularly receiving a surprise bouquet, making it feel like your birthday all year long.

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